Powerfab have built pioneering products in Britain since 1982 and today offer bespoke machines to your specification.

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Powerfab machines

Powerfab machines are in service worldwide in such diverse markets as nuclear power and tropical plantations.

We have sold hundreds of plans worldwide

We have sold hundreds of plans worldwide, empowering keen customers to build their own products and save money.


We provide Skid Steer Loaders in kit form. The steel kit will be fully welded and painted in your choice of colour with your logo on the bonnet. We supply the steel kit and also a suppliers list of main parts including hydraulic cylinders, control valve, engine etc.

We work with you during the build to choose everything from the best engine (Petrol/Diesel, New/Reconditioned) to the best wheels (grass/lug/rock tyres) making sure it is a smooth process.

There is a parts list with suppliers in your country and total parts cost can be as little as £3000 depending upon your requirements eg engine. The machine can be assembled in a garage with standard DIY tools over a weekend!

Our kits come with technical support to ensure build is a success. If you are interested in being our distributor please message us. The pictures below help to illustrate the steel kit and other parts.

The above drawings show the steel kit alone and with the parts you will assemble. Please contact us if you have any questions 0044 (0) 1269 591499

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