FL Investment Holdings

Acquiring with insight

‘Many thanks for your quick turnaround, professionalism and I must say poise, throughout. I would certainly recommend you.’ Mrs N.E – West Africa

‘Your invaluable service is remarkable, you maintained professionalism throughout the emotive period’. Ms PT – Paris

FL Investment Holdings

As one of London’s leading property consultancy firms, we scout for homes and seek to acquire the best on behalf of our clients in some of the UK’s most enviable locations.

We have a special energy and enthusiasm for achieving that which the client engages with us to deliver. We offer our clients peace of mind in the midst of their quandary.

The dynamics of how we work makes our process indeed less disruptive but producing a creative outcome. Our exposure to different geographies allows for a well informed analysis of our property search.

We manage our clients’ portfolios in a more intelligent, personalised manner. It’s really about taking on the stress from our clients and achieving excellence going the extra-mile.

We endeavour to source the best possible properties at competitive prices.

Local knowledge has also afforded us the advantage over our competitors and we are able to give advice on areas, especially for our foreign clients.

We are a fully independent company, acting on behalf of UK and foreign buyers and tenants. Our expert advice is impartial.

We cover major aspects of property: Purchase, Rental, Investment, Management and Sales.