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Locking wheel nuts are a great idea …

until you lose the key!

Lost your locking wheel nut and need urgent assistance?

What are locking wheel nuts?

Locking wheel nuts, also known as ‘lug nuts’ stop thieves from stealing your valuable wheels. There will be one locking nut fitted to each vehicle wheel, along with three or four normal nuts. Unlike normal nuts, locking nuts cannot be removed with a spanner or wrench. To remove them, you must use a special key. This engages with the locking nut at one end and fits a standard wrench at the other.

The key looks like a small metal cylinder about 1.5 to 2 inches long. One end will have a specially shaped ‘design’ or ‘pattern’ which slots over or into your locking wheel nut. The other end fits a wrench or spanner.

Unfortunately, just like your front door key, few keys are identical, even from the same make and model. So, if you’ve lost your key, it’s unlikely that anyone else’s will fit. It’s also unlikely that your local car dealership will have one to fit your car!

Where is my locking wheel nut key?

In order to replace or repair a tyre – should you be unlucky enough to get a puncture – or to have your brakes serviced, you will need your wheel nut key to enable the removal of your wheels. So check your boot, or glove box etc to make sure your key isn’t there. If it’s missing, you have a potential problem.

What if you can’t find the key or your nuts are damaged?

LOSTMYNUTS.COM will help you, so don’t panic.

We offer two levels of assistance.


If you’ve broken down and need your wheel/s changed but have no key, we can send a car or bike to assist you anywhere within the M25 area from £99. Extra mileage charges may be applicable depending on your exact location. Even if you’re outside the M25 area, we may still be able to help, so do please call – 07432 007007.

Our service includes travelling to you and removing the locking nuts on up to 4 wheels. We will not change your wheels. We can also supply you with extra, vehicle-manufacturer-approved standard wheel nuts to substitute for the nuts you asked us to remove. If you need a wheel changed / replaced or puncture repaired, we can offer advice which should get you back on the road.

If you need our URGENT locking wheel nut removal service please call us on 07432 007007.


If you cannot find your key, or if your locking wheel nuts are damaged and the key won’t budge them, don’t panic! For just £40 we will match your wheel nut key and send you a duplicate.

This duplicate remains our property and you’ll need to return it to us. But at least you’ll know which key you need and your vehicle manufacturer will be able to supply you with a replacement. If you need locking wheel nut removal service via mail order, call 07784 006450.

We’ll do our utmost to help you, but we cannot 100% guarantee removal.

If your locking wheel nut is too badly damaged, corroded or has been previously over-tightened (for example), then a specialist engineer may need to be called to ‘drill out’ the locking nut. In the rare event of such an occurrence, additional charges will apply and our call-out fee etc will still be payable.