For your corporate business and we will commit to providing professional and dedicated services. These can be provided in all kinds of ways, including concierge, reception, office, and many more.


CCTV Security

Our specialised CCTV security team will monitor each camera closely and consistently, so you can be rest assured that any suspicious activity won’t be missed.

AL-QADR Q ON DEMAND SECURITY ltd SIA accredited CCTV specialist team monitor your premises, aware of any unusual or suspicious behaviour and will respond in the most effective way to protect your business and assets.


Construction Security

Safeguard your construction site with our manned, mobile and surveillance security. Deterring crime, highly trained experts and fast response solutions are just a few of our many benefits for your construction business.


Retail Security

Protect your retail business with us to deter crime in your retail premises. Our range of security guards, loss prevention services, profit improvement services, CCTV and store detectives are providing leading businesses top-level safety.


Industrial Security

We know that protecting expensive machinery, chemicals and tools are just some valuables of key importance to industrial businesses. Which is why we can offer your locations bespoke security especially for your needs.


Public Sector Security

We have been providing public sector security to organisations for over 4 years. Professional manned security guards, rapid alarm response time, control of access points and aiding constituents and individuals are some of many skills our security offers.

Security Services in Birmingham

We offer a broad, Birmingham Security guarding service in Birmingham, offering a diverse range of guarding in Birmingham.

• Construction Sites & Buildings
• Storage Sites & Shopping Centres
• Concert Arenas, and Pubs
• Gate House Premises & Offices
• Manufacturing Sites ,Security Guard
• Production Facilities & Goods Centre
• Mass Storage Houses & Public Sites
• Highly-Sensitive Defence Facilities & Sites
• High Volume Technical Centres
• Training & Research Centres
• Gatehouse Premises
• Security Guards
• Gate House Keepers
• Lone worker protection
• Key holding
• Mobile security patrols,
• Vacant property security inspection


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