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Wax Removal

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Endoscopic Wax Removal

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At Hearing Health Diagnostic services your ear health is our passion.

Using the latest advancements in wax removal, our fully qualified audiologists strive to provide all our patients with the highest levels of care in the management of their wax removal problems.

Central to this is the revolutionary wireless digital endoscope camera all our audiologists utilise.

The wireless compact digital endoscope camera provides unprecedented image and video capture capabilities allowing our patients to view their wax removal procedure in real time.

We are the first and only domiciliary hearing service of its kind which offers the pioneering mobile telescopic referral system giving you access to UK renowned ENT consultants all from the comfort of your living room.


• Latest Technology
• No hassle appointments
• Complete Ear Care Packages with Pure Tone Audiometry and Tympanometry
• Telescopic referral system
• ENT trained and fully qualified Audiologists
• Education regarding the prevention and reduction of ear wax removals


The wireless compact digital Endoscope Camera with image and video capture capabilities we use, provides unprecedented viewing as well as capturing high precision videos and images. Besides endoscopic examinations, we use the endoscope for teaching applications as well as for educating and empowering our patients.

The state of the art endoscope allows us to offer the revolutionary telescopic referral system.

Once we have removed the wax, if we identify any abnormality with your tympanic membrane and or your ear canal we can refer onwards to our UK leading ENT consultants for further management.