Welcome To Empowerment!

And thank you so much for visiting us.

Our aim is to empower YOU!
Discuss that “heavy weight”, enhance your mind, explore & understand yourself. We matter because of YOU!

It is ok not to feel ok… what is not ok that you feel you must do it alone. Why spend majority of your life suppressing and hiding your thoughts and feelings when you can talk and work through them with us?
We will support you to feel like your actually living, not just existing.

Discuss and be supported in current problems, painful past issues and other situations that may revolve mental health issues.
Identify and understand key areas of your wellbeing that needs your attention, set and work towards your goals and feel better within yourself.
Using a variety of approaches to maximise change and help you manage better.

Your trauma matters and so does your healing. Time to discover and learn more about yourself!

What is Counseling

We provide a safe and proffesional environment where you can step into your whole self and open your mind to discuss what you wish. Comfortably cry in one moment, reflect and see joy in another.

Finding the right counsellor is not only an important part but it’s you taking that first step to start your beautiful journey. All of our passionate counsellors abide to the BACP ethical framework and ensure to carry an empathic, confidential and non-judgmental manner throughout your sessions. Some of which also have NHS experience, in which helps to enhance that extra support for mental health issues.

As counsellors it is our passion to support you but it’s what you do with the tools to help you feel and uplift your beautiful mind and strong soul.


“Realise how far I’ve come, might have future problems but it’s how I deal with them, It’s fine to get anxious just take a day at a time. Feel this experience of therapy has been more collaborative.”


“Feel happier, feel good. Thanks for your support “


“If I knew what I knew now back then I would of done stuff different but I wont live in the past anymore, I just wont let same things happen again I will keep moving forward. Thank you.”


“It was nice to talk to somebody who not only listened to me but gave me advice d aswell. I felt like I was talking to my friend not a counsellor.”


“I fee like the sessions have really helped me become more positive, I am really happy & satisfied with my therapist, she has really helped me to overcome some of my barriers & see things differently.”


“The experience has helped me to not be ashamed of my situation and open up. The sessions helped me remember what I have achieved and overcame when most of the time I always focus on the bad or worst aspects. Thank you”


“I found talking really helpful.”


“Felt like I was listened to and supported. I was made to feel comfortable enough to talk to about my problems and how I was feeling. I didnt feel judged and I felt I was being given genuine support.”


“My experience has been very good, very good to speak. I definetly needed this.”


“Thank you for opportunity to have therapy it helped me alot, your stuff is very good and you are very good listene. And tips you share very helpful in everyday life.”