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Home of Scripture home decors including Bespoke Bible Art, Flashcards, posters, blanket, pillows, canvas etc.

Create Words to encourage you, images to make you smile and product to bring enlightenment and cheerfulness to your environment.
It is written “A merry heart does good like a medicine”

Whether you are looking for something simple

Design a bedding

Looking to personalise your nursery

Or simply looking for unique art


Intimateeyes offers the luxury range of Bespoke Scripture modern decorations and wall art designs. Alongside our luxury Home decors our speciality includes bespoke plush blankets, pillows, canvases and Nursery Arts and dramatic wall hangings that will create focal point in any room and trigger discussion. Scripture art collection bringing together abstract and Contemporary wall decor to create a mood that will suit any interior to help transform, the blank canvas of your house into a warm, stimulating and welcoming home.

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