Our unique SP, Harley Street Practitioners, Who if required will come to you in your own home!! For a fast and very positive result and solution to a phobia that may have affected your life for years!!


Highly trained and very experienced therapists utilizing the latest powerful and highly effective hypnotherapy and NLP techniques that are implemented by our 30 years joint time served, advanced, very professional hypnotherapists, both of which have been trained and certified by the leading names in both hypnotherapy and NLP ( Paul McKenna and DR Richard Bandler) along with other world renowned experts in the field such as Dr Keith Hearn and Dr J Royale and hence have obtained the prestigious entitlement to the GHRP register and have obtained the GQHP/RIHP and ACMT certificates of competence and training in order to carry out all aspects of hypnotherapy/ psychotherapy and NLP. You can be assured that you will receive the very highest quality treatment for your phobia that is available in the UK today.

who we are Harley Street hypnotherapists


We offer a single 1 x two hour appointment ( either at your home or our practice in Harley Street) in order to successfully remove your unwanted and undesirable phobia for good, permanently and hence lead to you enjoying a far better and more fulfilling life for the future and with an incredible 95% success rate in all phobia removal or desensitization of such fears so you now have the opportunity for the positive change in your life – AT YOUR PLACE OF CHOICE! AND AT A TIME TO SUIT YOU!.

With our 30 years experience and thousands of previous happy and delighted clients we have learnt that with some people hypnotherapy and NLP and our innovative methods of therapy can be even more effective in their own environment thus leading to a higher success rate as when people do not have to travel ( which some find stressful) and are in a place where they feel the most comfortable (ie their own homes) they can more easily totally relax and feel more confident to absorb the life changing tried and tested positive therapy that we will instigate.

We also provide FREE OF CHARGE a 15 MINUTE PRIOR TELEPHONE CONSULTATION so as we can explain to you how we work, what we offer and also discover initially within this call how deep or extreme your phobia is and how we intend to overcome it for you.

Do not hesitate ( as procrastination is the thief of time) pick up the phone today and call us on our normal rate call number, join the many past clients who have taken action and are now PHOBIA FREE and enjoying life to the full, and pleased and amazed that a cure for their problem was so STRESS FREE, FAST AND EASY TO ERASE!

Be one of them as from today, you will be glad that you did. Call us now on 0207 117 2413

General Hypnotherapy Standards Council & General Hypnotherapy Register(protecting the public and promoting good practice, unity and continual development within the profession)