I started my apprenticeship in mechanical engineering as soon as I left school. That was thirty five years ago, It was very broad based back “back in the day”. First year was spent at a specialist training centre.



Having spent my life working on the shopfloor with a huge variety of machinery I am confident I can help resolve almost any issue you may encounter. This service is mostly intended for the model engineers who might have set up a workshop and are encountering problems. We all know there are many to encounter .

It might be measuring issues , problems reading drawings , wondering how to make something but unsure how , General machining issues , getting a tool to cut how it should, workholding issue, need some tips or tricks to get around a problem . The list goes on. We never stop learning in engineering and we all have to pick each others brains at times.



It might be that your a novice to the machine world. Maybe you want to buy some machines for a hobby but have no job knowledge. This is not a problem. I’m more than happy to run through the basics with you so you feel confident enough to make that workshop dream come true. I have spent a large part of my life training apprentices and machine operators and has been part of the job I very much enjoy.

There really is no need to go on expensive training courses when I can help with a one on one tutorial. This can be done over the phone or, thanks to modern technology and Skype, you can even show me around your workshop with your phone or laptop. However I am happy to visit for half a day or a full day to help but please bear in mind im based in North Devon. A bit of travelling is fine but not too far. Feel free to contact me to discuss.

Please do note I have spent 35 years working on lathes,mills,grinders etc. However ive always been purely mechanical. I have only dabbled with a CNC and the electrical side of a machine really isn’t me. Anything mechanical is where my knowledge lies. Turning milling and grinding.

Feel free to buy an hour of my time below or contact me for a chat about how I can help. Please note I wont be hanging up after an hour and leaving your problem unsolved. If I have to go away and scratch my head for a while that time is on me.